The printing looks best when printed in landscape mode on legal-size paper, but may also work well on standard-size paper for the smaller brackets (brackets are sometimes called draw sheets). Small brackets will print on a single page. The largest brackets may take up to four pages.

Before printing a page, go to the File menu and select Print Preview. Go to Page Setup and set the margins to a low number such as 0.5 inches. Setting the margin to a value lower than 0.5 may not work with some printers. Delete any other other information that the browser has shown that it will print such as headers, footers, and page numbers. Set the mode to landscape.

Verify that the page breaks occur at the proper spot. The larger brackets will have automatic page breaks before the title for the bottom half of the bracket and before the title for the loser’s bracket top half and bottom half. If the breaks do not occur at the proper spot, adjust the size of the print (this can all be done in the Print Preview mode). Experiment with a value that works in the print preview mode before trying to print.

Some tournament directors like to have very large printed brackets for display on a wall at the tournament site. They take the printed sheets to a shop that has a copier with enlargement capabilities.