Court reservations for tennis, pickleball, racquetball, squash, badminton and other court sports.

  • Easy online reservations. After registration, reserving is as easy as clicking on a date, clicking on an open court and entering your name.
  • Free for players.
  • Free for clubs and facilities.
Try the demo. The demo is the same as a live system except that the player is already signed in. The configuration page is not shown. The administrator can change most of the configuration parameters such as number of courts, hours available for reservation, and the smallest size of the registration in 15-minute increments.
The administrator can also choose whether or not to allow reservations for the same day. Some clubs may choose to have all of the reservations online. That would be the scenario where access to the courts is managed at a check-in desk. Other clubs might prefer to have the reservation sheet for the same day posted at the court so that players can see what is reserved and pencil in reservations for any blank spaces. This scenario would be used where there is no formal check-in desk with online access.