This page is provided for players concerned about identity theft because of a potential data breach of information that you provide. It only applies to the reservation system. Players on ladder-leagues do not have a password.

When registering, the only information that you provide is name, email address, phone number, and password and there is an easy solution as long the following information complies with the policies of your local club or facilities manager.

Passwords are encrypted. Even if there was a data breach and the password was somehow decrypted, it would not be of any use in any other account that the user might have. Players can change their password by clicking on the profile link. However, they are cautioned in bold print to “Choose a password that is not used for any other purpose“.

They may also change their name if the box to enable changing the display name is checked on the configuration page. Some clubs say that it is okay to just use first name and initial.

HoldMyCourt does not care about the phone number and there is no check to see that it is a valid number when registering. It is only there in case the local administrator needs to contact you about a reservation. A single digit will work when registering and it can be changed on the profile page. Your local administrator sets the policy about whether a contact phone number is required.

If concerned about the email address, a user can register with a throwaway email address that they can get from gmail or one of the other free email services (preferably gmail because of their spam practices). Emails can be automatically forwarded to your primary account. Alternatively, your email provider might provide an email alias that goes to your primary account. Be sure to use two-factor authentication in all of your email accounts if that feature is provided by your email provider. The email address can be changed on the profile page. Do not use a phony email address. If you need a password reset, an invalid email address will bounce back to HoldMyCourt and you will not receive the required reset email.