Frequently Asked Questions for HoldMyCourt Reservation System

FAQs for Players

How do I register?

How do I sign in?

How do I make a reservation?

I registered but did not receive a password in email.

Forgot Password?

Can I change my password or email address?

How many advance reservations can I make?

How do I cancel a reservation?

Is it possible for an instructor or league manager to book more court time than allowed by the configuration of the program?

Is it possible to display more than one day at a time?

Is it possible to show fewer courts on a narrow screen?

FAQs for Managers

Is it really free?

Is there a paid version without ads?

How can I control who registers?

How can we get an account for our facility?

One of my players registered but has not received the password by email.

Is it possible to split the display to accommodate a large number of courts or to display different locations or to display courts for different sports?