History for Hogan Family YMCA Racquetball

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2 Courts – Thursday, June 13, 2024
ReservedTotalPct.Court ACourt B
5:00am10150% Lights Out
5:30am10150% Lights Out
6:00am10150% Lights Out
6:30am10150% Lights Out
7:00am10150% Lights Out
7:30am10150% Lights Out
8:00am10150% Lights Out
8:30am10150% Lights Out
9:00am10150% Lights Out
9:30am10150% Lights Out
10:00am10150% Lights Out
10:30am10150% Lights Out
11:00am112100%Ji parkLights Out
11:30am112100%Ji parkLights Out
12:00pm10150% Lights Out
12:30pm10150% Lights Out
1:00pm10150% Lights Out
1:30pm10150% Lights Out
2:00pm10150% Lights Out
2:30pm10150% Lights Out
3:00pm10150% Lights Out
3:30pm10150% Lights Out
4:00pm10150% Lights Out
4:30pm112100%Karen GilbertLights Out
5:00pm112100%Karen GilbertLights Out
5:30pm10150% Lights Out
6:00pm10150% Lights Out
6:30pm10150% Lights Out
7:00pm10150% Lights Out
7:30pm10150% Lights Out
8:00pm10150% Lights Out
8:30pm10150% Lights Out
9:00pm10150% Lights Out